by Junipur

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Junipur 2k16


released October 22, 2016

Album Art: Joseph Rogers joseph-rogers.com
Recorded/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Dylan Tasch at Midley Grange Recording in Warrington, PA



all rights reserved


Junipur Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Junipur is:

Trevor Baun
Dan Jordan
Sam Schumacher
Ben Verbeck

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Track Name: Hazel
Your house has been on fire since the day you bought it. Oh Hazel what are you doing? And Claire is at home while you're looking for your daughter. And I am watching you. Where are you? I've been trying to reach you. Hazel, oh Hazel with those eyes that pierce right through me. You know I love you even when you're gone. And I feel like I should be praising some type of God. But I'm dying, I'm alone, and I miss you.
Track Name: Life/Death/Harm/Truth
This is something you should know. Something I've been keeping from you. I've been around. I've seen a lot. All those times you stayed at home, I was always out there drinking a lot. I've been alone. I wish we'd have been more honest. I don't even know what you are doing now and it scares me. Metaphysical life. Metaphorical death. Always out of tune but always keeping in time. And you said don't be like this. I don't blame you. Metaphysical harm. Metaphorical truth. How was I supposed to know that you weren't happy?
Track Name: Big Mike
This is an ode to growing older when you're trying hard to sleep
I hope some day I find you dying in the street
and I have become so easily angered

Now you know the reason why
I left everyone I know behind
Now you know the other side of breaking up
Now you know, you know

I live in a house
You sleep on a couch
I have become so
Passive aggressive, manic depressive

This is an ode to everyone who's ever loved someone and lost them
it seems to be a common theme where I'm from
and i have become so quick to judge

I live in a dream where you are still with me.
Track Name: Satellite
When you were younger
Not so long ago
You said you loved me
I'd like to know where all of that time goes

You were crying and I don't know why
I slipped a note into your beach bag
It said "there is so much more to life here than what we have"

And sometimes I want to die
but I don't even know what that's like

And do you ever miss me when you are listening to your favorite music
because I think about you all the time
Track Name: George Smith Runs This Town (But You're Back Home)
It is so beautiful outside
I hope you're out here too
For the sake of everyone involved

Last march, it felt so great
I started writing all of my thoughts down
and I met you

I know just what you're thinking
everything about it is true
I just need to be alone for a while

Despite of how it ended
I hope that you don't hate me
I would have cut your head off anyway

I don't care about myself
or anybody else
I met you at the wrong time

I don't want to hurt your fragile mind
We don't talk anymore
Since you moved back west
I met you at the wrong time
I still think about you